Fractal Token (FTO)

Crowdsale Starts Feb 20 2018 17:00:00 UTC+1


Token Structure Token Specifications
Maximum token supply 650.000.000 Type ERC-20 Token
Available in crowdsale 500.000.000 Name Fractal Token
Company reserve 150.000.000 Ticker FTO
Minimum contribution 1 FTO Exchange rate
Hard cap 50.000 ETH 1 ETH 10.000 FTO
Accepted Crypto Ether (ETH) 1 FTO 0,0001 ETH


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Fractal Token

Fractal Token is different from any other Token!

While the value of Fractal Tokens will be mainly decided from supply and demand forces, our Crypto Hedgefund will play an active role in supporting the Fractal Token and helping its value to stay healthy and ever growing.

MC Fractal Fund

MC Fractal Fund will be a Crypto Fund that will use the MC Fractal Studies © Innovative Technology to invest in financial markets successfully and profitably.

Trading activities will be performed by a team of experienced managers with a strong knowledge and experience in financial markets and Multi Fractal strategies of trading and analysis.

Profits arising from trading activities will be injected in to the Fractal Token (FTO) market, making its value grow over time.

Token Fund

The Token Fund will be a secondary Fund, financed by a part (see below) of the MC Fractal Fund (Main Fund) profits.

Its purpose will be to keep the Fractal Token (FTO) market healthy and supported, while avoiding dangerous volatility.

Ethers of the Token Fund will be used to buy Fractal Tokens in the erc20 exchanges, in a calculated and healthy way.

At the same time, token reserves will be used to provide a safe supply of tokens whenever necessary, in order to avoid aggressive appreciations that can be dangerous for the token market stability (no bubbles, no pump and dump attacks).

The goal is to keep a safe and healthy appreciation of the token value over time (profits for token holders).

Token Allocation

A maximum of 650 million Fractal Tokens (FTO) will be issued:



Token Fund


76.9% – CrowdSale: 500 million tokens will be sold during the CrowdSale.

23.1% – Token Fund: 150 million tokens will be hold as reserves in the Token Fund.

Any unsold token, of those intended for sale, will not be created. 

Crowdsale Funds Allocation

The ethers collected from the crowdsale will finance the creation of the MC Fractal Fund:

Main Fund






85% – Main Fund: Ethers used for trading operations in financial markets

10% – Development: Offices, teams formation, software developments, company liquidity reserves

5% – Legal: Company formation, trademark registration, business licenses, other legal operations

Trading Profits Allocation

Profits arising from the trading activity of MC Fractal Fund (Main Fund) will be re-invested in the following way (example 1000 eth profit):


Token Fund


Main Fund




55% – Token Fund: Profits goes in the Token Fund (see above), used to support the Fractal Token market

35% – Main Fund: Profits kept inside the Main Fund, making it grow over time

10% – Fees: Management fees (salary of the management team)


January 2010

MC Fractal Studies Technology is created, and used privately by a small group of Traders


January 2017

MC Fractal Studies becomes publicly available, becoming Free and Opensource one year later (2018)

20 February 2018

Fractal Token (FTO) Crowdsale start, 500.000.000 tokens are available for sale


20 April 2018

Fractal Token (FTO) Crowdsale ends
Unsold tokens (if any) will not be created

May 2018

Fractal Token (FTO) are Listed and Traded in erc20 Tokens Exchanges, supply and demand forces decide their fair value


July 2018

MC Fractal Fund becomes a legal Corporation
Management teams are formed
Offices are opened
Trading Activity begins
Token Fund is activated


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MC Fractal Studies

MC Fractal Studies © is a set of innovative technical analysis indicators based on the Self-Similarity concept, that will change the life of millions of traders.

Fractal Geometry and Self Similarity
In mathematics, a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself (i.e. the whole has the same shape as one or more of the parts). Many objects in the real world, such as coastlines, are statistically self-similar: parts of them show the same statistical properties at many scales. Self-similarity is a typical property of fractals. (Wikipedia)

Self Similarity can be observed also in financial charts, in fact every Wave or Trend, is made of other Waves or Trends on a smaller scale.

The MC Method © is the proprietary method utilized by all MC Indicators to objectively disassemble and organize charts information in order to identify all the various Waves on all the various scales, that make up the typical market charts.

Once all the Waves have been located, it is the job of MC Indicators to show them to the eyes of investors in an inclusive but detailed way.

The ability to view and examine the multi-scale market structure of a chart can immensely help an investor, giving him an edge that can be used to increase trading performance.

MC Fractal Studies are Free and Opensource, available for the most popular trading and charting platforms.

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